Jesuits and God

A great little post about how the Father sees His children:

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Prudence and Holiness

This is a great article about a few things: (1) the importance of prudence – that knowing the truth is essential, but we also need to exercise that knowledge at the right time, place, and in the right way; (2) the experience of raising a child and how they react to even small things; (3) the beauty of accepting our circumstances, sufferings, and gifts.


Here is the link:

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Beauty and New Life

This is an awesome article in which a woman comes to grips with the reality of raising her daughter, of being pregnant, and of learning to love in spite of the often absurd weight of cultural expectations. (n.b. I generally do not recommend the Huffington Post for anything, some of their material is badly written and badly thought-out; this seems to be a diamond in the rough.)  I found it to be helpful for taking seriously the importance of love in human dignity.


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Beauty, Theology, and Faith

An interesting article about Dostoevsky’s justly famous quote, from a solid professor of theology, R. Jared Staudt.  The article is from Crisis Magazine.  Here is a link:

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